February Favourites

Can’t believe we’re another month into 2017, this year is shaping up to be a pretty quick one in my eyes, I’ve been so busy this past few weeks so it’s nice to actually have some time to sit down and write a couple of posts out!

February was a pretty normal month, didn’t really buy to much through out the month, as I’ve just been so busy with work and uni however I’ve managed to come up with some of my definite favourites of this month!

Starting off this months beauty favourites is the Nuxe Reve de Miel – Ultra Nourishing Lip Balm I got this in my Love Me Beauty bag this month among some other lovely bits and pieces, and I’ve loved it ever since. This product is so thick so you only need a small amount and it leaves your lips feeling so soft! If my lips are extra chapped I use a larger amount on my lips over night and they will be much better in the morning. This lip balm is also the perfect product for putting under those pesky overly drying liquid lipsticks! Plus it smells like Lemon Curd what more could you want?

Next I want to talk about a single shadow from revolution in the shade “Finally…” this single shadow makes the most beautiful natural highlight that I own, many of my highlighters are super noticeable intense highlighters, whereas this little beauty is perfect for those days where you just don’t need or want an intense highlight but still want to glow!

My only other beauty favourite, will be an obvious one if you read my Make Up Geek post this I uploaded not that long ago. I bought my first ever Make Up Geek shadows and have been OBSESSED with them. I’m sure you have all heard the hype surrounding these shadows and it is well deserved, as I am in love. The fact that I bought colours that I didn’t really have in my collection before means that I’ve been able to create some really pretty and colourful looks. I can’t wait to add more to my collection!


My next favourite of this month, is a bit of a strange but necessary one, I used to buy eyebrow waxing strips from Superdrug to do my eyebrows with however they seemed to have disappeared (and so did my eyebrow shape) until I found Superdrug had made their own version of the waxing strips and I had to pick up two packets, and rescue my heaving neglected brows. These were honestly so cheap and are the easiest things to use! They definitely beat plucking each hair individually any day!

The next three favourites for this month are to do with my hair, My hair is pretty long and reaches my lower back so keeping my hairs length and healthiness is really important to me, as my hair was starting to look a bit dried out and dead. I came across N0ughty Hair Care in Superdrug, which boasts about being 97% natural and is free from, Silicone’s, Parabens, Sulphates and Petrochemicals. Which just screams good for your hair to me! SO I bought the “To the Rescue” shampoo and conditioner to give my hair a little helping hand on getting back to it’s shiney, healthy self. Normally I shower at night and it was to my surprise after using this product that the smell of my hair while lying in bed was actually very calming and I felt myself drifting to sleep due to the smell (a bonus in my eyes) I highly recommend trying this brand and I am absolutely not going back to normal chemical filled haircare!

I picked up a Wet Brush from TKMaxx this month as I tend to need to brush my hair while it’s wet (don’t shout at me) as my hair gets so tangled but this brush is designed to be gentle on wet hair to reduce breakage and you can really feel that on wet or dry hair that it is very gentle and doesn’t require a lot of pulling to brush the hair through nicely!

The batiste 2 in 1 dry shampoo and conditioner is my most recent find but oh my I am absolutely loving it, it has such a lovely sweet scent and leaves your hair not only looking more refreshed but feeling soft too! I highly recommend giving this a shot!

My last favourite for the month is a Netflix favie is a movie called “Law Abiding Citizen” this is about a man (Gerard Butler) who is traumatized by the murder of his daughter and wife and sets out for revenge, it was honestly such a good film and if you like crime or thriller movies you would probably enjoy this so check it out!

SO these were my favies for the month of February, what are you guys loving this month? link me to your posts!  

Hopefully I’ll have more time to write up blog posts and be more active over the coming weeks 

love Danielle x 


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