OH K! Skin Care

OH K! Skin Care is a brand inspired by Korea and use Korean ingredients to produce quirky but affordable skin care.

Their packaging is honestly so cute with many of it featuring a little panda or character of sorts, making this brand really age friendly, as they do not only specialize in skin care but also stationary, and things like cosmetic sponges, hair bobbles and nail sets.

I purchased my products from Beauty Bay however you can also get them from ASOS and the OH K! website.


This Hair Mask and Coconut Water Face Masks were the first things I tried from the brand.

The fibre face mask came in a pack of 3 for £8.00 which to me is pretty reasonable. The mask itself was a sheet mask so you simply take it out the packet and apply it to your face for 10-15 minutes. I found that there was a lot of excess product left in the packaging and the actual mask was very wet. According to the instructions after removing the mask you are to massage the product into your skin then remove any access product with a cotton pad however I felt that this left my face quite sticky and I did apply my own moisturizer over the top to combat this. Overall I used all three of these face masks over 3 weeks and I would say that it did soften my skin and freshen my face up! These also have an amazing smell!

The Hair Mask although not skin care I decided to give a go as was only £6.00, and my hair can get very dry ends and sometimes needs a good condition. As to the instructions I washed my hair as normal while in the shower then once getting out I towel dried my hair and applied the mask from roots to ends, the packet of conditioner has a lot of product in it so if you don’t have long hair like myself you could probably get another use or two out of it!  Once the product is applied you bundle your hair up and put on the heat retaining cap and let it sit for a good 15-20 minutes. Once I washed this product out, my hair did feel so soft and replenished, however I have a problem with my hair going greasy easily so by the next day it was greasy already due to having put on such a large amount of product on my hair. Overall if your hair is needing a little bit of love and your hair doesn’t get greasy really easily then I would say defiantly give this a go as it’s very moisturizing for your hair.


The next two masks I decided to try were a little bit more ‘out there’ with the ingredients as they included snail slime and gold dust which is not an everyday ingredient for skin care however both cost £6 why would I not try them out?

Again with the Snail Sheet Mask, the mask itself was very wet and their was a lot of excess product in the packet which was the same as the coconut water masks I had tried. I felt this mask however didn’t leave my face as sticky as the coconut one (strangely) and has it says on the packet did leave my face feeling very hydrated. If you can get past the fact that you are putting snail slime on your face then this is a really lovely mask!

Now the gold dust mask was a gel mask, which to me kind of felt like a very thin version of those things you put in your bra, making it pretty heavy on your face and didn’t stay put very well. This mask claims to give you glowing skin however I feel like its more moisturizing as it didn’t really leave my face with much of a glow (from what I could see) I don’t think I would repurchase this mask as I really didn’t like the feel of it.

Over all I think that OH K! have some really interesting products and would defiantly recommend trying them out and seeing if they work for you!

Let me know in the comments what the strangest skin care product you’ve ever tried!

as always if you got this far, Thanks for reading

Love Danielle



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