Getting Geeky

After hearing EVERYONE talking about Makeup Geek shadows for months now, I’ve finally took the leap and ordered some shadows to start off my collection!

I chose to start out my collection with some shadow colours that I don’t really have in my collection and that I know I could create some really nice looks with. For me this wasn’t a product where I didn’t know if i was going to really like the product, I knew from the get go that these eyeshadows where of great quality due to the hype they have received (and rightly so!) 

I picked up 8 shadows, 2 foiled and the rest just the original shadows in the shades, High Tea, Dirty Martini, Envy, Fantasy, Bitten and Grandstand, these may not be the cheapest of cheap for a single shadow however for the price you get incredibly an pigmented product that has little fall out and blends beautifully.

These four green, olive shades I’ve been really drawn to trying as I wanted to try out looks that aren’t my usual golden shadow looks. I also picked up an amazing wine/burgundy colour that has been the feature of so many looks recently that I just had to try my hand at creating my own looks.

So far I’ve created to some really nice looks with these shadows but just haven’t been that confident in wearing them in day to day life.

These are definitely going to be something I continue to collect as  I’ve really enjoyed using these shadows this far.

Do you guys have any Makeup Geek shadows? If so do you love them as much as I’m loving mine?

Hope you enjoyed this post, 

Love Danielle 



8 thoughts on “Getting Geeky

  1. itsmeamieg says:

    They look so pigmented😍😍

    Also, I’m starting a program where a group of similar bloggers follow each other and spread love on each other’s blogs! Feel free to message me on Instagram if this is something you’re interested in @itsme.amieg

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