Makeup Revolution Lip Kit- Review

These lip kits have been hyped about since revolution announced them, and since the release have been pretty difficult to get a hold of. They released 8 matte lip kits with glossy and metallic lip kits to follow. Each product costing £6 and comes with a liquid lipstick and a lip liner, which I think is a reasonable price when you compare it to other lip kits on the market.

I managed to get the 2 colours off the TAMbeauty website which stocks all the Makeup Revolution makeup as well as other well known brands they own. Out of the 8 colours, the two colours I decided on were “Noble” and “Echelon” these being two of the nude colours.

I love the packaging of these products and I like how there is a ‘lip swatch’ of the colour on the front, the packaging of the actual lip product is what you would expect of a cheaper brand but looks really pretty with its rose gold detailing.




Noble and Echelon look very similar colour when not applied, however when applied to the lips they dry down with different undertones. Echelon is a very mauvey pink and Noble is a reddish brown nude






The formula of both the lipsticks and their respective liners apply effortlessly as they are so creamy. While this is not my favourite liquid lipstick formula it is very pigmented and isn’t patchy, the product is very comfortable to wear and doesn’t feel drying on the lips. However for me the formula just doesn’t seem to want to dry right down, instead it drys to a tacky consistency which for me is really annoying and is something that i’m not sure I can over look, even though this product is very difficult to budge and seems to have a really great wear time without having to reapply.
Overall I really really wanted to love these kits but with it’s tacky consistency i’m slightly disappointed however I will continue to give these a try to see if I can find a way around the stickiness as I like the colours and how well they stay put through out the day,  I may even pick up a few of the metallic shades (It would be rude not too).

Did you guys pick up any of the kits? If so what did you think?

Love Danielle 



18 thoughts on “Makeup Revolution Lip Kit- Review

  1. bbbryony says:

    I really liked this post, I have tried their lip kit yet but I’ve tried a liquid lipstick before and it’s been so tacky and comes off easily, shake it’s not a little better quality as the colours are gorgeous!!

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  2. nivienbeauty says:

    Really pretty colors! They are very affordable so I will just have to try one out my self and see if i have the same problem. Great post!!

    Please check out my new blog and subscribe to it. I will be posting every Wednesday, starting April 26. I would love for people to check out my future posts! 🙂

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