January Favourites 

So here we are at the end of January 2017, a whole new month of a whole new year gone already! January brought around so many new things to learn with a new semester at uni to learning the ins and outs of blogging and all the things that come with it, so far 2017 you’re doing alright.

I have enjoyed so many things this month so I thought since I love reading about other people’s favourites, I would write down mine to maybe inspire you guys to try some more new things.
So without further ado here are my favourite things from January:

First up is my makeup loves for this month:img_06331
By far my favourite 2 eyeshadow palettes this month have to be the Urban Decay Ultimate
Naked Basics Pallet, this beautifully packaged pallet is made up of entirely matte shades, something my eyeshadow collection was sorely missing meaning that I’m reaching for it more and more for that perfect matte or transitional colour.


The second pallet I’m loving is the Makeup Obsession Personal Pallet which I have already spoke about before, but after adding some new shades; including some lipstick pans! These pallets are something I am loving adding to and have been playing with all month. If you want to know more about this pallet you can read more about it here



If you are lazy like me, priming is something I often forget about unless I really feel I’m going to need it to help my makeup stay for longer. However after getting the Makeup Revolution Aqua Priming Spray I’ve been using it almost everyday! Leaves my skin feeling ready for Makeup, this primer spray is so light and really helps hydrate your skin before applying your make up. So purse friendly too, I looove it!

And last but not least for my Makeup favourites of this month is my MAC Viva Glam II lipstick, this lipstick has been my go to since I got it and I’ve honestly not got bored of wearing it.

Up next is skincare, and normally I’m pretty lazy with skincare however as I’ve been increasingly wearing makeup more and more I’ve been seeing the effect of it on my skin along with the harsh weather! The two skin care favourites I’ve been loving this month are both from Soap and Glory, I’ve been a bit cautious of buying from their skin care range after I had a small reaction to the Peaches and Clean Deep Cleansing Milk, however ignoring this I went ahead and bought the 3 in 1 Daily Detox Vitamin C Facial Wash and it is honestly THE best thing I have ever done for my face. This wash is so refreshing and leaves your face feeling so soft and clean after each use! Plus the bottle is pretty big and you only need a small amount so the bottle is going to last a pretty long time which is an added bonus.

The next thing I bought from Soap and Glory was their Fab Pore Daily Micro Smoothing Moisturizer, I absolutely love the toothpaste shaped packaging of this product allowing you to get every last bit of product out. I’ve been using this after the facial wash and it just soaks in so quickly and leaves such your skin feeling so much softer and does wonders at helping to shrink pores!


The last beauty related thing I’ve been loving is the Black XS perfume, this perfume has been the main one I have been wearing all through January, I feel it lasts really well and you can still smell it hours later! Something you definitely want from a perfume.

Now on to my favourite pass time…Netflix, I decided at the start of January that I would re watch two TV series that I had lost touch with and didn’t finish, These being The Vampire Diaries and Prison Break, I loved these two series when I first watched them and I’m still loving them now and I can’t wait to get to the episodes I haven’t seen! The one new series I started watching was The Crown, this is a series about the Royal Family and the Queen’s Journey, I just absolutely loved this series, It’s so easy to watch and has a great story.

 SO that was my favourites for this month! what were your favourites? Do we share any?

Let me know in the comments! 

Thanks for reading, 

love Danielle x


11 thoughts on “January Favourites 

  1. ivefoundwaldo says:

    Everyone’s been raving about the new urban decay ultimate basics collection! It looks beautiful, and if I actually needed any more eye shadow I would probably get this one soon! We’ll see if I spoil myself and end up getting it anyways. The mac lipstick you have there is beautiful! Do you know where I can get that same shade? I also made a january favorites if you’re interested xxx


    Liked by 1 person

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