W7 Shade and Swap- Review

So I’ve seen these little things popping up in blog posts and Youtube videos for the past wee while but I had never actually seen them in a store to buy, with those mentioning them buying them online! That’s when I came across this beauty for an entire £2 in TKMaxx and with that price I just had to pick it up.

Essentially this pot has a rough almost Brillo pad or the grabby part of Velcro type sponge inside it, at first I expected the sponge to be wet like other spot cleaner products out there however this simply “grabs” the shadow residue off your brush when you swirl it over the pad leaving your brush shadow free!

While this is not a complete alternative to washing your eyeshadow brushes as it doesn’t get rid of bacteria for £2 I really recommend having one of these as it’s sure to come in handy, especially if you like wearing dark shadow colours and find that the dark colours take ages to wipe away on a tissue or whatever you like to use! I know my pj’s and dressing gown will be thanking me for buying this.

Do you own a shadow swapper, if not do you think its a good idea?

Thank you for reading my tiny little post today!

love Danielle x 


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