My Drugstore Must Haves

Like everyone who loves makeup finding good high street/drugstore makeup that works just as well as a high end product is the best feeling ever especially since you are spending such a low amount of money for a really good products, I myself am a student so cannot afford to be buying from high end brands all the time and I usually only treat myself to the more expensive items when I can afford it or just after I’ve been paid, so finding drugstore products that I love is a must for me.

The Miss Sporty Miaoww Look Eyeliner, was introduced to me by Sophdoesnails on Youtube and after being disappointed time and time again with drugstore liquid liners, I was excited to try one that one of my favorite Youtubers loved and I’m so glad I did! This eyeliner is incredible for £2.99 and I would never have thought to try out a brand like Miss Sporty. The eyeliner itself is a felt pen type style which I like and is very black so it doesn’t require lots of layers to achieve a nice flick. Unlike other drugstore eyeliners I have tried the product in this one is not difficult to get out the pen, it simply just glides on and doesn’t seem to dry out quickly, something which seems to happen a lot with cheaper brands! Overall this eyeliner has quickly become my staple liquid liner and wouldn’t hesitant to purchase it again.IMG_0565[1].JPG

The I Heart Makeup (Revolution), Naked Chocolate Bar pallet quickly became my favorite eyeshadow pallets when I bought it a year or so ago, it was used to the point the packaging was broken and I had hit pan on some of my favorite shades and after finally replacing it with brand new one late last year. I can firmly say that this pallet is one of my favorite
pallets that I own. Due to the name and the packaging of the product, it has been compared numerous times to the Too Faced Chocolate Bar pallets, however since I don’t own these pallets I couldn’t really say whether these were dupes. I will say that they were obviously designed with the Too Faced product in mind and have the same sweet smell to the product like that of Too Faced. Overall if you are wanting a really good neutrals pallet I would highly recommend this product, and for £7.99 you can’t really go wrong with adding it to your collections.

Micellar Water is something that people are raving about constantly and I am one of those people, I use the Garnier Combination and Sensitive skin micellar water and I love it! I typically use it for cleaning up mistakes with eye makeup or to remove my makeup before I wash my face at night. I feel it leaves my face feeling very soft and clean, It’s so gentle on the skin and doesn’t burn if it comes into contact with your eyes. Overall I think this is a great product and you get so many uses out of the one bottle so it’s great value for money.

img_05671Revolution are known for making such beautiful and pigmented highlighters, so
its no surprise that their highlighter pallet for £8 is one of my drugstore must haves, this pallet is perfect for pale skin and requires little product to achieve an amazing glow. Overall if you don’t like the colours in this pallet I would still recommend you try their single highlighters because you will not be disappointed by the price or the quality of the product.

Everyone and their mum has heard about the Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer so i’ll keep this short, I love this stuff for covering up and blemishes and covering the small blue/redness under my eyes. I also use it to cover any eyeshadow mistakes. It’s very high coverage and pretty long wearing. I’ve heard many people saying they really don’t get on with this product but I’m just someone who does.

IMG_0569[1].JPGMy Sleek FaceForm pallet in Light is what I use to contour my face daily! I love the contour colour in this product so much that I’ve hit pan and will be needing to pick up an new one soon! I don’t tend to use the highlighter in this little pallet as I don’t find it to be the best colour for my skin tone but the blush is gorgeous when applied with a very light hand as it is very pigmented and comes up a lovely natural looking colour. Overall this product lasts very well and if you are pale the contour colour is perfect for warming up your face!



SO that’s 6 of my Drugstore must haves! Let me know in the comments some of your must haves!

As always thank you for reading

love Danielle  x 


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