My Charm Bracelet

I received my Thomas Sabo charm bracelet and it’s first charm as a birthday present around 3 years ago and since then my charm collection has grown nicely.

A charm bracelet has the ability to be whatever you want it to be, from holding charms depicting little parts of your life to just a bracelet with charms that you love. My bracelet holds 10 charms as of now and many of them have some sort of meaning to them with only a couple having no real meaning at all.

I personally am always really nosey when it comes to knowing what charms people have so I though that I would take you through my charms and what they mean.


The first charm I got was the love heart charm that has the word love in the middle, as already said I received this as part of a birthday gift from my parents so this charm is just for their love for me.
Next I received the little silver ‘D’ for Danielle, which is obviously for my first name.     After these two I can’t really remember the order I got them so without any particular order the next charm I have is the little Topaz, this is for my birth month which is November. The little car symbolizes passing my driving test and owning my first car (the cutest little red fiat 500) this is one of my newer charms to my collection, but it fits right in.

The last 2 that I feel have some sort of meaning to them is the London Bridge charm and the ’18’ charm, the London charm is for my family in London and the visits we make to them. The ’18’ charm was gifted to me for my eighteenth birthday last year.

The last 4 charms include, a starfish, a crown, a set of keys, and a pair of angel wings, these to me have no real meaning to them other than they were gifts from family, and along with the rest of my charms they are just really pretty to wear and look at.

Unfortunately I don’t get to wear my charm bracelet as much as I would like because when i was wearing it everyday 2 of my charms snapped off never to be found again, so to prevent myself from loosing more charms, I only wear it for special occasions or if i’m going out for dinner  etc.

So that’s my charm bracelet!

As always thank you for reading and let me know down below If you guys own a charm bracelet? And what is one thing in your life that you would symbolize through a charm if you could?


Danielle x 





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