Love Me Beauty Bag: January 

For those of you who do not know, Love Me Beauty is a UK subscription service like Ipsy and Birchbox.

The subscription is £10 a month plus postage and each month you can choose the contents of your bag from their selection on the website that month, however I actually got a deal off Groupon for 3 months of the service for near enough half price!

Love Me Beauty give you 60 credits to “spend” on the items of your choice with the products ranging from 10-30 credits so depending on the value of the item the more items you can get that month. The service also allows you to add on credits meaning that you can buy more than just your standard 60 credits!

The entire reason I decided to try out a subscription service was because It allows the opportunity to try out new products each month without having to take out a loan to afford products that you may in the end not end up liking.

So know that you know how Love Me Beauty works lets get into this months bag!

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The bag its self has is decorated with a quote fitting for January reminding you to lip-stick to your goals. I managed to get 5 items in my bag this month using my 60 credits and an added on 30 credits which you get for free when you buy the 3 month package.

Other than a Nails Inc nail varnish in the colour Belsize Lane the items I chose this month were from Makeup Forever, This brand is one that I have been meaning to try, however is on the sightly pricier  side so have never got round to actually purchasing few of their things, so this was a great way for me to check them out in mini form without breaking the bank!

The first thing I chose was the Step One – Smoothing Primer, I had previously seen a youtuber talking about this primer so I really wanted to try it out for myself and this was
also the case for the mascara, and I never really find myself trying out new mascaras so i’m excited to use this one!

I then spotted the pressed HD Ultimate powder and decided to pick this up due to the fact that I have been meaning try out some different translucent powders. The lipstick was just a last minute add on to use up credits but will sit nicely in my collection until I’m feeling a red lipstick!img_04661

Overall i’m glad i got the products that I did, however this being my second bag from Love Me Beauty I’m quite disappointed in the lack of full sized products offered, and its due this that I may consider changing to Birchbox which is the same monthly price however offers full sized products plus you also have the surprise element to it as you don’t get to pick the contents! With all that said I am still excited to try out these minis and may even purchase full sized versions later on.

Do you guys use any subscription services? If so what one? If you guys want me to review any of the Makeup Forever products then be sure to let me know and I will feature them in a later post.

As always thanks so much for reading,

love Danielle x 



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