Makeup Obsession – Pallet Review

Kicking off my first ever review is this little beauty: Makeup Obsession’s personal pallet. 

This pallet launched in Boots and I believe is the only store that carries the brand at the moment, So naturally when I spotted it in my local Boots I knew that I had to create my own.

They launched six different coloured pallets in two sizes; large and medium with prices ranging from £6-8 which I think is great value for a sturdy pallet and a large mirror (which I love!) containing either 6 or 12 spaces for their products.

The range of eyeshadows, blush, contour and highlight colours released for the pallets are also great value for money, ranging from £2 for the eyeshadows to £3 for the highlighters. Each product coming individually packaged in a single casing.

I picked up the large rose gold coloured pallet that holds 12 pans of product.


All together i picked out 3 highlight shades, 1 blush and contour colour and 7 eyeshadow colours, costing a reasonable £35- which to me is pretty incredible for an entirely personalized pallet.

I’ve seen a few other bloggers and Youtubers talking about this product and saying that if holding on to the pallet from the bottom it was easy to accidentally pop out the pans, however I have never really had that problem with my pallet and found it to be pretty sturdy.

With Makeup Obsession being from the TAM beauty company who own the likes of Revolution and Freedom, I had high hopes for the quality and the pigmentation of the products and I was not disappointed. I find all the shades to be highly pigmented and are a dream to blend. Another bonus is that I’ve not noticed a great amount of fall out while using these colours meaning no clean up job to be undertaken!

Processed with MOLDIV

From top to bottom: E107 Rare, E111 Cosmo, E124 Copper, H106 Gold,  C102 Light, E119 Precious Metal, E129 Golden Oak 

Processed with MOLDIV

From top to bottom: H104 Moon, H102 Pearl, E114 Lucky Charm, E110 Scene, B105 Honey


The only negative I would mention would be that at the time of purchase the colours I had to choose from was not that large however after having a further look online it seems to be that they have released more colours and products that can inserted into their pallets!

Another small detail is that although the packaging in its self is very pretty, due to the fact that the rose gold pallet has almost a mirror effect I find it can get quite dirty, however again nothing a wipe can’t fix!

With all that said this pallet is quickly becoming one of my favorites to go for at the moment..

I would love to know if you guys have any personal pallets, or would you like to start collecting one? Also let me know if you guys enjoyed this post or where I could improve the next time.

Thank you for reading this far!

Love Danielle  x



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