Hi, Hello.. I’m new here!

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I guess as my first ever blog post to ever be published on the internet, it’s only fitting for it to be, the ever exciting “introductory” post.

SO here goes.. Welcome to my blog!

Behind the posts of this blog is a 19-year-old girl, who is too self conscious and awkward to talk to a camera and post said videos to YouTube. Leading me to my new-found venture: Blogging!

Writing has always been something that I loved to do but never really pursued in my free time, so I felt that instead of watching YouTube and wishing I had the courage to pick up a camera and film, I decided I might as well write about all the things I love instead… so that’s what you should expect from me,  posts about the things a 19-year-old student loves from make up, to fashion and relatable lifestyle posts.

I hope that those of you who may stumble across my blog will decide to stay!



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